Craig Slaughter Senior Pastor

Servering Faith Baptist since 2009


I was born and raised in Salem, OR. My grandmother took me to Fruitland Evangelical Church almost every Sunday from my earliest days. At age 11 the Junior High teacher at Faith Baptist Church was hosting a Thursday Evening weekly “Model Night” and my friend from school invited me to come. I had so much fun putting models together with those guys that I accepted their invitation to Sunday School. God used the Scriptures that were being taught, and the testimony of my friends to convict me of my need for a Savior.

God saved me around the age of 12, when I truly believed that Jesus died for me and paid the price for my sins. I met my wife at McKay High School, and married her between my Junior and Senior year of Bible College.

After I graduated, Tracy and I moved back to Salem, and she became a member at Faith. We later moved to Kalama, WA for employment reasons. In 2004 we moved from Kalama, WA to Norwalk, IA to accept my first pastorate at First Baptist Church. Now I have the privilege of serving God here at home as the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist.

God has given us 6 wonderful children: Trevor, Shayla, Charles, Emmie, Samantha, and Miya.